Roof bars

Roof bars

FARAD produces roof bars for all cars with and without roof rails, offering a wide range to satisfy every carriage need.


The FARAD roof bars are a warranty of strength and they are homologated  by the German Ministry of Transport TÜV-GS certification and also by the latest and more famous European test, the City Crash certification. They can load up to 100 kilos for aluminium bars and 75 kilos for steel bars.

There’s no need to modify your car in any way to install the FARAD roof bars, which are supplied with all the necessary tools to fix them on the car roof.



Roof bars for cars with roof rails and integrated roof rails

The FARAD roof bars for roof rails and integrated roof rails are available either as ready-to-fix (only aluminium bars) or as to assemble (aluminium and steel bars).

The ready-to-fit roof bars stand out between other products, as it is very simple and fast to install and uninstall them.



Roof bars for cars with standard roof

The FARAD roof bars for cars with standard roof are available in aluminium and in steel.

The fixation kit is already assembled, so it will take little time to put it together with the bars.

Then you can fix the bars on the car in a few minutes.

The FARAD roof bars have to be fixed on the car by fastening them according to the setting provided by the car maker, where available.



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