Roof boxes

Roof boxes

The FARAD Roof boxes are created by a careful and accurate project in cooperation with some of the biggest car makers.

This collaboration has generated a car roof box that “fits every requirements” with a high quality/price ratio.

Thanks to fifty-three roof boxes of the FARAD range, it will be easy to find the right one for you, as far as colour, dimension and style is concerned.

Watch the video below to see the FARAD roof boxes range, as well as the fast fixing system FARADBLOCK:






What is really important in a roof box?

The main things are: safety, handiness, load capacity and aerodynamic structure.



The FARAD roof boxes passed all the most strict and important tests in the automotive field, and they received the approval by the German Department of Transports TÜV-GS and by the European Union City Crash. The boxes have been approved also by different car makers, passing their strict tests.



In order to make use of a roof box, it is very important that the box itself can be installed, removed and loaded quickly and easily. Thanks to the double side opening, which is larger than usual, operated by means of some patented spring struts (lifetime guaranteed), you can reach the inner part of the roof box from each side in a simple and fast way.





The FARAD range includes an extension of volumes from 320 to 680 litres, sizes from 1.2 to 2.2 metres and a load capacity of 75 kg. for cars and 90 kg. for camper vans. So the FARAD roof boxes can be considered as the ideal solution for carrying whatever you want: skis, snowboards, baby buggies, suitcases,…


Putting together the requirements about load capacity and aerodynamics, FARAD presents four different styles, which will add a touch of class to your car.



F3 Style - MARLIN

F7 Style - TORPEDO

ZEUS Style



Please use the search below to find the most suitbale FARAD roof boxes for your car: