About us

About us

FARAD Brasil is an automotive component producing company specialized in research and development as well as the importation of products into Central and South America.

Our products are fabricated in Italy by the FARAD Group, a company well established in the European market, which maintains solid partnerships with the majority of auto makers and has distinguished itself as a leader in after- market products.




FARAD Brasil has always been attent to the needs of the market and the client, having as its mission, development and sales of secure, user friendly, and attractive products that impart their security and beauty to any vehicle on the market.




We believe that to offer products of the highest quality it is essential that we verify and acompany the project through all of its phases. To this end, every production line has been granted the following certificates.



ISO 14001

ISO/TS 16949




Our clients are given fast and efficient assistance granting them quick responses to their technical questions and replacement part needs, for the entire FARAD Line of products, in all of South America.




The FARAD Brasil team, having many years of international experience, can implement any automotive market research and or product development project in Central and South America.




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